Back BRD01 Garage Door Control Repair
We have a BRD01 control board in our automatic garage door openers. They have worked fine for 13 years but we had a series of power surges over the space of a few minutes and one of the controllers couldn't handle it. As it turns out the BRD01 control board is pretty old and several people have told me they are no longer in production.

It took a bit of effort but eventually Google found a supplier that still had some in stock. Fortunately they were only 30 minutes drive away and the price was reasonable.

I had a few technical issues with the video so it picks the story up after I had replaced the board but because I forgot to set the dip switches for the mode of operation (garage door and not a gate) I had to open it again so I did get some video of opening up the case and removing the board.

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