Back Bandsaw Repair
Just when I had got used to using my band-saw for cutting just about everything and had decided that it was an absolutely indispensable tool, it broke.

Fixing it wasn't easy. My first attempt, purchasing a replacement part locally was a waste of time. While the part had all the right ratings the connections didn't line up unless I reversed the orientation and that wouldn't have worked well for other reasons. A second afternoon was wasted returning it and chasing around other suppliers in the hope of getting one that would fit, all to no avail.

I eventually found the correct part in the US from a Google search and the company was amazing. It arrived 7 days after I ordered it. Brilliant service.

Unfortunately the adventure wasn't quite over yet. The saw still didn't work after I fitted the new part. Needless to say I was quite disappointed. I was so disappointed that I didn't video my subsequent investigations and discovery. I used the Ohm meter again to test the switch wireing and fortunately I noticed that the emergency stop showed a different reading to that which I did when I first checked. This lead to the happy discovery that I had knocked the emergency stop switch while I was repairing the initial problem. Once I reset the switch it performed flawlessly. Happy days are here again.

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A video of the repair: