Back Bird Feeder
We have a King Parrot that has been visiting us periodically for quite a few years now, along with a collection of Rainbow Lorikeets and Rosellas.

We have been feeding them on and off over the years, usually from some plates I have hung from trees. Because the king parrot is such a magnificent bird and has been getting more and more friendly over the years my wife decreed that I should build a solid feeding platform and she would put a king parrot friendly diet out for him.

I had enough scrap around to make a reasonable feeding platform nad just needed to appropriate a star picket from the garden to make the post.

All in all it works great although the rainbow lorikeets and rosellas are far more partial to the provided cuisine that the king parrots. Or maybe the king parrots wife won't let him eat out, she does seem to keep him on a tight leash, as you can see when she came and chased him home from the shed at the beginning of the video.

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