Back How I Cut Propane Tanks - Safely
I guess a lot of you have seen the Youtube video where some poor unfortunate soul gets blown up while cutting a tank at work. I'm not sure if that particular video is real or just clever special effects but the danger of cutting into a tank is very real and is often deadly.

On the other hand you can make some very cool stuff out of old tanks of all sorts and they can be cut safely if you take a few simple and logical precautions.

I won't say I am an expert at this but I have cut into a few tanks over the years and I believe my method to be 100% safe or I wouldn't be doing it. Of course you have to be your own judge of safety, what I do in the video works for me, you need to decide if if is safe for you.

Final warning, I use air tools, don't attempt this will electric tools.

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