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This old forge originated from my grandfather. Goodness knows how old it is. My guess is somewhere in the vicinity of 100 years.

The frame has a distinct homemade look about it but perhaps that is just a function of age and getting bent out of shape over time. The blower is certainly factory manufactured. I used this forge on numerous occasions in my youth but it has lain idle for decades now. Since I think a forge would be a useful thing to have I have decided to build a new frame, replace the drum used for the fire pit and coax it back to life.

As a young fellow I remember the drum being lined with what I now assume to be asbestos felt, something like the asbestos lagging that was used on steam pipes back in the day. At least someone had taken the trouble to reline it with thermal cement in the intervening period. This is a distinct bonus as asbestos is not something I want to mess with these days, although I shudder to think how much exposure I had to it in the years before its dangers were recognised. Perhaps some of the bending in the frame is caused by the heaver thermal cement now used to insulate the drum.

I started by pulling the old forge apart and salvaging everything I could from it. With the cost of steel these days I try not to waste anything that might potentially be reused.
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You will need some castors which can be found here:
3" (75mm) Castors on EBay AU 3" (75mm) Castors on EBay UK
3" (75mm) Castors on EBay US 3" (75mm) Castors on EBay CA