Back Forge Bending Pipe
I needed to bend some pipe to replace the steering arm on my tractor so I could fit a front end loader.

My first instinct was to build a pipe bender so I would have a tool to use for future projects as well. The down side of this is that I wanted it NOW! I have been planning the front end loader project for quite a while. It's been postponed several times so I could do other jobs that, for one reason or another were more important.

Repairing/rebuilding my grandfathers forge has also been a project that had been planned for quite some time. I decided it would be quicker to build the forge as I also needed that for several other projects. A little bit of thought turned up an idea that I had seen as a kid for bending pipe by filling it with sand and heating it on a forge.

The job turned out perfectly and I've done a video to show exactly how I did it.
See how I did it: