Back Hacksaw Trolley
I have a (very) old power hacksaw that I still use reguarly. It's made out of cast iron and sits on a stand my old man welded up when I was a kid. Dad made everything to last as long as the pyramids so the stand it pretty heavy as well. That worked well for him because the hacksaw sat in the same spot for most of my life.

Now it is in my shed and I find that it takes up an unnecessary amount of room. If I position it where I can use it to cut long lengths then it is in the way of just about everything else. If I put it where it is out of the way then I can only cut shorter lengths.

To solve this problem I decided to do a quick build of a trolley so that I could move it around easily. It's great, now it is not trouble at all to position it wherever I need it.
You will need some castors which can be found here:
4" (100mm) Castors on EBay AU 4" (100mm) Castors on EBay UK
4" (100mm) Castors on EBay US 4" (100mm) Castors on EBay CA