Back I Lost my Table
I had a table frame in the workroom. The old man made it out of light angle many years ago. When it passed to me it had no top and it sat that way in my workroom for a good few more years. I figured I would put a top on it at some point and use it for something. Or so I thought.

Not long ago my wife was in the workroom as I was finishing up a job so she picked up a broom and commenced sweeping the floor to help me out. Her pursuit of dust led her to the corner where I had stored the old table frame. You guessed it. She immediatly enquired what I was going to do with it and when I only had a vague answer that I would use it for something eventually she asked if she could have it. How can you say no to your wife when you can see she is already planning it's disposition.

Check the videos below to find out what my wife had planned for my poor old table frame.
Build part 1: Build part 2: