Back My Mezzanine Shelf Project

If your shed is your workplace then is is usually at least reasonably tidy, if it wasn't you couldn't earn a living efficiently. On the other hand if your shed is just a man cave then it probably accumulates a lot of stuff that doesn't deserve floor space along with a few things need to be kept but still don't rate floor space.

That's what happened to mine anyway. There was stuff of mine that I didn't use often but still wanted to hang onto. There was also some stuff that the kids had left is storage when they moved out and I wanted the floor space back but at the same time I realised they didn't have room to store it either. Then there was stuff that my other half thought should be stored in my shed rather than her laundry. I'm sure there are a lot of married men out there who can relate. The problem was so bad that ordinary shelves just wouldn't cut it.

Some time and a little bit of thought later I came up with the idea of building a huge shelf. Fairly obvious with hindsight. I designed the shelf myself and so far it has held up well, at one time holding considerably more that I had initially envisaged when I designed it.

You can download the plans below if you would like to see what I did. While they are specific to the stud locations in my shed they may contribute some useful ideas for designing your own.
Download the PDF plans here: p0041-A3.PDF