Back DIY Roller Stand
I plan to cut some heavier pieces than I have been cutting so far. My experience is that the heavier material wears out the chop saw disks quickly so it is my intention to use the power hacksaw for this.

Where my old man had the power hacksaw set up the metal fed straight and level into it. I don't have the luxury (?) of a sunken room to do this in so I need some stands to sit the lengths of metal on.

I came up with this design which should suit my needs. They are pretty simple and for the initial version I have opted to use a short piece of angle for the head. The design also has provision for a roller head with bearings which will be needed for heavier lengths and I intend to make these at a later date.

I have seen similar stands in shops and online priced around $100 to $150. Mine cost $20 because I made most of it from left overs of other projects. All I needed was the inside and outside pipes for the body and I was able to get these from the scrap bin at the local steel supplier.
Build 1 Build 2
Build 3  
All you need to buy (apart from metal) is some bearings for the roller which can be found here:
6203.2RS Bearings on EBay AU 6203.2RS Bearings on EBay UK
6203.2RS Bearings on EBay US 6203.2RS Bearings on EBay CA
6203.2RS Bearings on Amazon  
Download the PDF plans here: p0067-A3.PDF