Back Tig Welding VERY Thin Metal
This video has been sitting around for a long time. It is one of my earlier efforts and frankly it isn't very good. Never-the-less it does demonstrate that the CigWeld machine I have can weld very thin metal so I decided I would upload it as a bonus video, outside of my normal upload cycle.

One of the grandchildren's music stands broke. They are cheap enough to replace but I grabbed it for the opportunity to see if I could weld it.

I had some doubts about my ability to weld something so thin but I had even graver doubts about the ability of my cheap CigWeld TIG machine to hold a stable arc at the low amperage I would be employing.

As it turned out we were both up to the job as you will see in the video.

On the down side I had this footage setting around for several months before I even looked at it to see what it was like. I was very disappointed to find that some things I wanted to show were out of shot, too late to correct my error.

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Check out the video (such as it is):