Back Plumbers Drain Snake
Hitachi G 10SD1 The drain from the kitchen sink has played up from time to time ever since the house was built. Until recently some draino down the sink was sufficient to clear it but it has been getting more and more difficult and requiring more draino to work its magic.

I ordered a plumbers drain snake from EBay the last time I had trouble clearing it with draino and I was lucky enough to have it arrive a few days before it blocked up again.

The video covers the unboxing and the first use of the snake. It worked a treat and more than paid for itself because I think this time would have required a plumber if I did not have the drain snake.
You can get one of your own at the links below:
As you can see in the accompanying video, an excellent bit of kit.
    Drain snake on EBay AU     Not available on EBay CA
    Not available on EBay US     Drain snake on EBay UK
Unboxing, and first use:
Video Coming Soom