Back Makita M9002G 1050W Angle Grinder 125mm (5")
I've been using a very old 7 inch Black and Decker grinder for my larger jobs. It weighs 7kg (over 15 lbs) so it gets a bit heavy after 20 minutes or so grinding. The other day I had been grinding for quite a while and my arms were getting fatigued. Wouldn't you know it, the grinder chose that moment to catch and throw itself back at me. No real damage but I did lose a bit of skin I would rather have kept.

After that I decided I should treat myself to a lighter grinder that would be easier to handle for the big jobs. I did the research and eventually settled on this 5" Makita as the best option.

I'll keep the old Black and Decker for the jobs that require some serious grinding power but shouldn't take too long.
Video review:
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