Back Metabo 2200W 180mm (7") Angle Grinder W 22-180
I've been using a very old 7 inch Black and Decker grinder for my larger jobs.

I have bought a 125mm (5") Makita grinder to complement the old Black and Decker but designs change over time and while the Black and Decker is still a great grinder it is not a good fit for the modern grinding disks. I can only use a fraction of the modern disks before they are worn down to the backing plate.

I now have a collection of over a dozen grinding disks that are no more than 20% used so I have decided it will be cheaper in the long run to buy a newer grinder that will allow me to use the other 80% of the disks. I'll keep the old Black and Decker for use with the older style grinding pads.

I put considerable effort into researching the available 180mm (7") angle grinders before settling on the Metabo. I have several 100mm (4") hobby level grinders but a 180mm (7") grinder is usually intended to be a workhorse so I wanted to get a really good one, something of commercial quality. The Metabo ticked all the boxes except weight, it was a little bit heavier than any of its competitors, on the other hand it offered several features that were not available in any of the competitors so I decided to give it a go.
Video review:
This is the seller that I bought mine from (free international shipping):
    Metabo W 22-180 180mmmm Grinder on EBay AU  
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