Back Hole Saw Fail
Failed Hole Saw I have seen quite a few videos of people using bi-metal hole saws to cut holes in steel. They are certainly cheaper than an annular cutter so I thought I would give one a go.

I was going to do a video of it in use, I did go as far as recording the footage but before I had it edited events dictated I do this video instead. I am confident that I used it in a similar fashion to those I had seen on Youtube and that I used sufficient cutting oil. Never-the-less I am not happy with my results.

I found that the 32mm hole saw cut holes considerably larger than 32mm (more like 33 or 34). I was also far less than impressed by the durability of the teeth. Maybe the brand I picked wasn't the best for cutting holes in steel plate. Maybe another brand would work better. Hole saws are certainly attractive as a cheap alternative.

Whatever the case, I think I will stick with annular cutters in future.
Video review