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Drill Doctor 750X I have a large 3 phase table saw but I decided I needed something smaller and lighter as well. Because of the amount of sawdust generated I don't want to use and circular saw on wood inside the shed and the 3 phase table saw is far too heavy to move outside by myself. I do plan to make a trolley so that I can move it around but there are numerous reasons why I don't want to do that just yet.

My solution was to buy a cheap DIY type of table saw which could be easily moved around and would be suitable for small jobs.

I hunted around a bit and eventually settled on this Ozito unit. I bought it a little while before I started doing Youtube videos so it's a bit late for an unboxing video but I thought a review would be appropiate.
Video review
You can get a later model than I have at one of the links below:
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