Back 1879 Adjustable Spanner
In this video I wanted to show you a rather unique looking antique spanner/wrench that I found amongst my fathers tools. Since even my father wasn't around in the 1800's it is quite likely that it was handed down from his father. Whatever the source it is a unique design which I find very effective to use and have never seen in any shop around here, my guess is that they are no longer made in favour of the ubiquitous and cheaper to produce adjustable cresent wrench.

I came across a video by another YouTuber (Hand Tool Rescue) that said this design was originally patented in 1879 by Charles Billings. According to him this style of wrench was used mainly on bicycles at first but eventually made their way into the tool box of many of the early cars. Again according to him this style wrench was commonly made by apprentice machinists as part of their training since its manufacture requires skills on multiple machining processes in order to produce it. Another facinating piece of information he provided is that the wrenches were originally made of "Norway Iron", which is a type of steel that has a slightly higher carbon content than wrought iron.

The other YouTuber I mentioned is Hand Tool Rescue and he has a video of remaking one of these old spanners on his channel, you can view that video by clicking here.
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