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Whether you're a professional or a home DIY enthusiast, a good pair of safety glasses is a must have item.

Wearing safety glasses is an absolutely essential protection that too many people overlook. For less than $10, you can protect your eyes and avoid becoming a statistic. There’s a huge range of safety glasses on the market. Choosing a pair that works for you really depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you’re doing any job that results in debris flying around, you really should be wearing a pair. Personally I like ones that are clear, light weight, have reinforced lenses and an anti-fog feature. Comfort and the ability to see clearly while I have them on is important to me.

But the bottom line is that any pair of safety glasses is better than nothing, so any pair you choose is going to better than going without protective eyewear.

I've used a lot of different safety glasses over the years, some better then others but most of them not great. I really like these Bolle glasses which is why I decided to post this review.

The complete playlist of all my tool and safety gear reviews can be found on youtube by clicking here.

Video review
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