Back King Gee Work Boots

I've never been one to wear specialised workboots in the past, just whatever old shoes came to hand. My wift finally convinced me to try a pair of specialised work boots and I must say I am very impressed. Obviously the steel cap protects your toes and that alone is a goor thing when working with heavy metal. The other thing I really like is the side zip, adjust the laces once for comfort and then just use the zip to get them on and off.

Not being the most expensive boot in the shop was also a bonus. If you are looking for a good quality work boot at a reasonable price I would certainly reommend having a look at the King Gee line.

You can purchase these on EBay by clicking on one of the following links:
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 King Gee Tradie Boots on EBay US  King Gee Tradie Boots on EBay UK