This website is dedicated to providing plans and videos for random DIY projects, Equipment reviews and Tips for using some of the design software out there in the market place.

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Audio/Visual Reviews
      Here you will find some reviews on various items of audio visual equipment such as cameras, wireless microphones, etc. that we use to make the vdeos.
Tool Reviews
      Reviews of tools used in the workshop and videos on maintaining them.
PPG Reviews
      Reviews on workshop items other than tools. Mostly devoted to personal protection gear.
Projects and Plans
      DIY Projects and downloadable plans if you would like to try your hand at one.
Household Jobs
      Videos on some of the general household and maintenance jobs that go with living.
Workroom Tips & Tricks
      Some quick 1 or 2 minute videos of tips and tricks for the workroom.
Big Boys Toys
      Things that you buy because you want them, not because you need them.
CAD Tips
      Tips and hints on using CAD software.