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Annular Cutter Comparison.

Australia vs USA vs China.

Bandsaw - WE-270DS.

Horizontal band saw.


An indispensible tool in any workshop.

Cut off Discs.

Save money on cheaper cut off discs.

Drill Doctor.

Drill sharpening tool.

Dual Saw - CS-450.

Counter rotating blade saw.

Grinder - Hitachi G10SD.

An oldie but a goodie.

Grinder - Hitachi G10SS.

A second grinder to save changing disks.

Grinder - Makita 125mm (5inch).

A light weight grinder with power enough for the larger jobs.

Grinder - Metabo 180mm (7inch).

A powerful and well made grinder for the heavy duty work.

Grinder - Ozito 100mm (4inch).

A cheap grinder for the home handyman.

Grinder - Ozito Warranty Claim.

Testing the Ozito warranty was a plesent and painless experience.

Hole Saw Fail!!!.

Really NOT impressed with this idea.

Mag drill - MD-40.

Unboxing and testing a cheap portable Mag drill from China.

Orbital Sander - AEG.

25+ years and still going strong.

Plasma Cutter - Hypertherm 45XP (Unboxing).

One of the best.

Plasma Cutter - Hypertherm 45XP (Gouging).

Really impressed with this.

Plasma Cutter - ICut60.

Watch the full saga, it's a gamble.

Plumbers Drain Snake.

Saving money with an EBay Drain Snake.

Retractable Air Hose - JFLEX.

Reasonable quality at an afordable price.

Spray Gun - Ozito.

Not for quality jobs.

Stihl Pole Saw.

Just what you need to trim those high branches.

Staple Gun - Ozito.

Not too bad for a cheap stapler.

Table Saw - Ozito.

Manufactured economically but I have found it quite a good unit.

Vintage Spanner.

A spanner designed in 1879.

Welding Electrodes .

Testing a few different electrodes .

Welding Helmet - Optrel e684.

Top shelf welding helmet.

Welding Rod Review - Ferrocraft 61.

Impressions on using the Ferrocraft 61 (7018) rod.