Back Tractor Steering Arm Redesign
One of the projects I have underway is a front end loader for my compact tractor. Among the many obstacles I needed to overcome in order to put a front end loader on my tractor is that the main hydraulic line and the steering arm are both in the way of where I want to mount the supports for it.

This left me with no alternative but to re-manufacture a steering arm that was bent in a way which would not foul the front end loader mounts. Simple you think? Well so did I when I started.

The first problem was that the tie rod ends were welded to the original arms. I'm not sure if that was from the factory or done later. For myself, if something is meant to be adjustable I don't think it should be welded in place, especially when there is a potential to ruin the part if I got it wrong.

Finding suitable tie rod ends was my first hurdle. There was nothing in the manual to give me a part number. The tie rod end was apparently a somewhat unusual size. At one point I was considering cutting larger tapers so I could use a more commonly available rod end. I ended up having to learn a lot more then I ever intended about tie rod ends in order to track down a suitable one but in the end I did and there are links below in case you need the same part.

This relatively simple job didn't take that long to do, but the preparation in obtaining the tie rod ends spanned a couple of weeks. I hope this saves anyone else looking for tie rod ends to suit a Mitsubishi D1550 tractor from a similar experience.

The video of the wheel puller I built to remove the arm can be found by clicking here.

The video of how I bent the pipe without deforming it can be found by clicking here

Videos of the forge rebuild can be found by clicking here.

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Compatible tie rod ends can be found here:
    Tie rod end on EBay AU     Tie rod end on EBay CA
    Tie rod end on EBay US     Tie rod end on EBay UK